They also keep up their support to Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and Children’s Villages

Network Steel Resources (NSR) group will keep on this 2022, the important humanitarian action this group has been carrying out in recent years. Among the recent projects, the collaboration for the delivery of generator sets to Ukraine highlights, an initiative that NSR has funneled through the Virgen del Pilar Elkartea association, based in the Alava Civil Guard Command, which in turn collaborates with the socio-cultural association Ukraine-Euskadi. These generator sets destination are the most affected areas by the war in Ukraine, where are essential to keep hospitals, schools, and other facilities performance. Likewise, in 2022 NSR will support the construction of different facilities for education, agriculture, and sports in the Kedougou region, located in the northwest of Senegal. Since its creation, and as part of its corporate social responsibility, the NSR group has maintained the commitment to carry out solidarity actions and social initiatives in different areas and in those markets where the group operates.

In addition, as NSR has been doing for the last few years, the group will continue cooperating with Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and SOS Children’s Villages Spain, humanitarian organizations about which NSR is partner and to which it has made important donations. Likewise, during the pandemic NSR donated more than 416,000 masks, respirators, and sanitary suits to different entities.